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How To Make Money From Online Dating Sites

How to make money from online dating sites is not simple and easy because you are jumping on a very competitive niche. As you know, many people have hard time to get traffic on the internet dating websites. Assuming you are getting good traffic on your dating service, I will show you how to earn good money from it.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

If your online dating niche is 100% free, then you can use these tips. Once your dating site has some members, you can install Google Adsense ads on it. I believe that you can place up to 5 ads on each page that has content on it. Google Adsense is the best method to earn money. They will match with your content on any web page. For example, if your niche is about black dating services, then they will place these ads on your page. That’s good, isn’t it? Your visitors can see related links on any page you have.

There are also alternatives pay per click advertising programs that you can use such as Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Gumgum, Infolinks, Kontera, Luminate, and so on. They are similar to Google Adsense program that you can use to make money from free dating sites.

If your dating site is about to offer singles advice about dating, relationship and marriage, then such above ads are the best method. For example, when you write an article about “how to find singles online” and post it on your blog, the ads will match with your content. In other words, you will see related ads that are similar to singles niche on that page.

Once your dating site has a good amount of members, you can charge membership fee for using your site. You create a good dating service that provides values to your members that help them to find love online, they will pay you money for sure. Nowadays, Paypal is very popular in most of countries so you can use this way to collect your payment. Another way is to charge for members who want to upgrade for extra features. You allow them to buy credits for special selected features on your dating site.

In conclusion, hosting advertisements such as Google Adsense is the best method.

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