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Best Of The Reliable Web Directories To Submit Your Sites

Here are some best of the reliable web directories you can use to submit your sites. They are paid directories that you must pay money to get listed. However, I have used them and they are worth the money.

I think the quality links are extremely important for web sites to get indexed on the first page of major search engines. You don’t have to use 1,000 or 1 million of cheap links, but get only a few quality links. Domain web directories that end with .gov or .edu are more valued than .com domains. Such web directories are very expensive because they are worth the money.

Houston Texas

Houston Texas

How do major search engines validate links?

Google does not value or count low quality directories as much as Yahoo and MSN. For example, you have 50 quality links and you site will be on the top page of Google in three weeks. However, Yahoo and MSN may take more time to react to index your site.

However, the content is still and away the king. So, creating fresh content and getting your back links with quality web directories will get your website on the top of these major search engines.

Link (URL) Price Age PR
1 DMOZ directory (dmoz.org) Free 1999 8
2 Yahoo directory (dir.yahoo.com) $299/yr 1995 8
3 Best of the Web (BOTW.org) $149.95/yr 1996 7
4 Canny Link Directory $19.95 1997 5
5 Joe Ant Directory $39.99 2000 7
6 Go Guides Directory $39.99 2001 6
7 Qango Web Directory $15 1998 5
8 Starting Point Directory $99/yr 1995 7
9 Skaffe Directory $44.99 2003 4
10 Ezilon Directory $69/yr 2002 6
11 Aviva Directory $149.95 2005 5
12 V7N Directory $49.95 2004 4
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