Best Of The Reliable Web Directories To Submit Your Sites

Here are some best of the reliable web directories you can use to submit your sites. They are paid directories that you must pay money to get listed. However, I have used them and they are worth the money.

I think the quality links are extremely important for web sites to get indexed on the first page of major search engines. You don’t have to use 1,000 or 1 million of cheap links, but get only a few quality links. Domain web directories that end with .gov or .edu are more valued than .com domains. Such web directories are very expensive because they are worth the money.

Houston Texas

Houston Texas

How do major search engines validate links?

Google does not value or count low quality directories as much as Yahoo and MSN. For example, you have 50 quality links and you site will be on the top page of Google in three weeks. However, Yahoo and MSN may take more time to react to index your site.

However, the content is still and away the king. So, creating fresh content and getting your back links with quality web directories will get your website on the top of these major search engines.

Link (URL) Price Age PR
1 DMOZ directory ( Free 1999 8
2 Yahoo directory ( $299/yr 1995 8
3 Best of the Web ( $149.95/yr 1996 7
4 Canny Link Directory $19.95 1997 5
5 Joe Ant Directory $39.99 2000 7
6 Go Guides Directory $39.99 2001 6
7 Qango Web Directory $15 1998 5
8 Starting Point Directory $99/yr 1995 7
9 Skaffe Directory $44.99 2003 4
10 Ezilon Directory $69/yr 2002 6
11 Aviva Directory $149.95 2005 5
12 V7N Directory $49.95 2004 4
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Free Ways & Tips To Make Money Online in 2013

Online technology presents you with a lot of opportunities to make money from your home. It is important therefore for you to know in what ways you can be able to make money though online technology without having to struggle a lot.

Work Online For GoogleOne of the ways of how to make money online in 2013 is through internet marketing. Online business people need internet marketing in order to reach various online clients. You therefore can be that channel that ensures that their services reach at the hands of the potential clients. This therefore requires you to create a website, promote it and later use it to advertise services of various clients to people. Through this, you can make a lot of money as the service fee. In cases where you are not able to market your website, you can use affiliates to promote your website so as to increase traffic to your site. In the end, you can gain trust of clients thus leading to increased profits.

For those people who can write, freelancing can be the best way to make money online in 2013. There are many clients who want their products to be described to the potential buyers. If you can write quality articles, you can choose one of the freelancing websites and start writing from wherever you are. Writing quality auricles increase accessibility of clients’ websites over search engines thus leading to increased traffic. Therefore, you can easily establish yourself as a good writer which means that clients will always seek your services – and this means high returns.

If you are a SEO expert or you are interested in offering services, you can easily make money online in 2013 through this. SEO services are on demand as many clients want their sites to appear on the first page of Google and other search engines. If you are not a SEO expert, you cane easily learn the skills online and start employing them right away. Application of SEO can fetch you a lot of money due to power that search engines have in terms of online research. Furthermore, SEO can also help to market your website if you want to use it to market other people’s products.

These free tips are how you can make online money in 2013.

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How To Get Traffic To Your Website or Blog

Over 8 years of running commercial websites to work online for Google and other affiliate programs, I like to show you free ways of how to get traffic to your website or blog. Many webmasters think having a website with beautiful design is all they need to attract surfers. However, their concepts are only 10% right. The other 90% of getting website traffic takes hard work and diligence and time. The answer is simple. You must tell people about your website or blog. You must advertise the site to surfers so they know about it. 

How To Get Traffic To Your Website

How To Get Traffic To Your Website

You might already know about how to design your website or blog to get fresh content, title and mega tags with keyword-rich contents. For example, for my website, my title is “How To Make Money Online”, meta tags I put “make money working for Google, earn money with Google, making money with Google AdSense, etc.”

Some people spend tons of dollars to advertise on Google AdWords or Yahoo Searches, I want to show you free tips for getting traffic without costing you a cent.

  1. Submit your website or blog to search engines. Don’t submit too many times a month because you may get banned from it. Some of popular search engines you may submit to are: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Alexa, and so on. You can search on Google to get more search engines. Working online for Google and other affiliates require your patience, diligence, and time.
  2. Submit your website or blog to link directories. These web directories you can find either online or at forums like DigitalPoint forum. Make short titles before you submit. For example, I make a title for my site to submit to link directories as “How To Make Money Online”.
  3. Submit your website or blog to social networking sites such as Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Mixx, etc. Don’t submit many links on one of your site to these social networking sites a day, you may get banned.
  4. Write articles and submit them to article directories. You will get at least 2 or 3 links at the author’s area.
    Update your blog or website with new content/pages at least weekly. Search engines like fresh content.

These are free ways to get traffic on my websites and blogs, other webmasters may have some other ways. That is how I did every day, week, month, year to get traffic on my sites. Remember, you can’t get traffic overnight. It takes time, diligence, and hard work when you work online from home.

Good luck!

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Article Submission software

This is the best article submission software that online webmasters should have to submit unlimited articles to article directories. This article submission software helps online webmasters to submit articles to article directories effectively. This is a powerful article submission software that each webmaster should own it to get more quality traffic from their web sites. Article submitter is an amazing tool but simple to use to drive more traffic, back links, and higher SEO rankings on your websites.

Article submission software helps to automatically submits each article to article directories. You only need to click on one time, the software will do the rest. Article submitter software allows you to drive incredible amounts of quality traffic quickly and easily. This quality traffic is targeted and visitors can convert to money. The good news is this article submission tool has a trial version so you can try first. This trial version allows you to submit to 85 directories for free.

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